floral design

Our floral design contests have been featuring different eras in the Stamford Garden Club’s 100 year history.  This one showcases the 1970’s when disco dancing was all the rage.
“Saturday Night Fever”:  A traditional line design in which the element of line predominates, usually emphasized by a restrained use of plant material; silhouette is open; voids exceed solids.  To be viewed from the front.  Height not to exceed 24 inches. Accessories permitted.

First Place
Judge’s comment:  Dance On!!!  Rhythm of end-curved aspidistra in combination with gerbera and eucalyptus in three-sets-of-three design is full of excitement. Second Place
(Ranuncula, Cala Lily, Midollino Sticks, Galax leaf)
Judge’s comments: This strong diagonal line arrangement creates an exciting explosion using color, deft placement and intensity.  The black background weakens the impact of some floral material (blackcallas) as well as making for a too stark contrast with the white midillino. Third Place
(Rosa (rose), Cladina evansii (Deer Moss), Salix cinerea (Pussy Willow), Codiaeum variegatum (Croton), Midollino sticks)
Judge’s comments:  Elegance is achieved through highly contrasted roses and pussywillow connected subtly with green midollino sticks.  The line created by the highest pussywillow at left leads the eye out of the arrangement, disturbing the rhythm.

Honorable Mention
“Dancers at the Disco”
(Rosa, Rose; Gerbera jamesonii, Gerbera; Buxus sempervirens, Boxwood
Judge’s comments:  Pristine, vibrant floral material undulate through this parallel linear design.The larger size and disconnection of the two larger gerberea at bottom create an intensity that halts the dance.

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