The Women’s Liberation Movement started in the late 1960s, sought to eliminate sex based discrimination against women. The movement redefined the socio-economic and political roles of women.  To celebrate
the achievements of women’s rights, photograph

a flower or plant displaying movement.

FIRSTSubmission 5
Comment: Women’s Lib, Bursting with Energy
Plant: Milk Weed Pod
Judges Comments:

Circular movement of seeds leads the eye around the image nicely. Technically a well lite image.

SECONDSubmission 1
Unyielding Movement

Judges Comments:
Circular rhythm of petals leads the eye successfully into the focal point. Left leaf distracts from the overall composition

THIRDSubmission 3
Know Whe
n To Bend

Judges Comments:
Repetition of grasses create a strong patterned composition with sense of movement. Right side
appears crowded in relationship to total pattern.

Honorable Mention

Submission 7
A reflection of the myriad number of directions
opened for women by the movement.

Plant: A. sphaerocephalon, Hairy Allium

Judges Comments:
The related colors purple and green make for a
harmonious composition. The busy background
reduces the strength of the Allium.

Also Submitted:

Submission 2
Waves and Ripples of Movement

Judges Comments:
The yellow lily and its reflection stand out nicely against the rippling background water. Competing focal points confuses viewer.

Submission 4

Pursue What Energizes

Judges Comments:
The delicate curvilinear lines of the sprouts draws hour eye up through the image giving the image movement. The strong shadows overwhelm the delicacy of the sprouting plant

Submission 6
Comments: Feminism, a political and
social movement for change.
Plant: Flower from a Mimosa Tree

Judges Comments
A thoughtful and engrossing image of soft pastels and strong diagonal lines makes a creative composition. The details in the background compete with the delicacy of the blossoms.