Class I

Entry #2
92 points
Judge’s Comments:
Sparkling, crisp blossoms and leaves…
30 years of great growth.

Left to right
1. Polemonium reptans Jacob’s ladder (dark blue)
owned 7 years, gift from Marion Glowka

2. Tiarella cordifolia ‘Sugar & Spice’ Foam Flower
owned 3 years

3. Rhododendron kaempferi ‘Fedora’ Torch azalea
owned 30+ years
4. Aquilegia canadensis Columbine
owned 30+ years
5. Polemonium reptans Jacob’s ladder (soft blue)
owned 30+ years, gift & first flower I owned!
6. Tiarella cordifolia Foam Flower 
owned 8 years


Class I

Entry #4
90 points
Judge’s Comments:
Charming combination of flowers and leaves.
One Hellebore past.

Doronicum, Leopard’s Bane
    Polygonatum, Solomon’s Seal
    Ajuga reptans, Common Bugelweed
    Polemonium reptans, Jacob’s Ladder
    Dicentra spectabilis, ‘alba’
    Helleborus x hybridus

Class 1
Entry #3
90 points
Judge’s Comments:
Delightful combination of textures and flower types.
Two Hellebores past.



Class 1
Entry #1
89 points
Judge’s Comments:
Love the color combination and the variety of blossom types. Hellebores are a bit past as the stamens are going, a branch of leaves appear wilted.

Dicentra spectabilis – Bleeding Heart
Polygonatum bilflorum – Solomon’s Seal
Phlox divaricata – Woodland phlox
Syringa vulgaris  Lilac
Filicophyta – Fern
Helleborus odorus – Hellebore