Emily Hammond Handout

The January 2022 speaker was Emily Hammond who focused on the affect native plants has on the wildlife population in our gardens.  Please click on the link below for her list of natives.

Emily Hammond’s Background:

Emily’s horticultural roots go deep into her southern Italian heritage. Emily came to gardening by taking over the formidable backyard vegetable garden of her great-grandfather. The old-world organic gardening she learned from her great-grandfather Joseph was her first horticultural education. She became interested in sustainable garden design during her non-profit career.

At East Hampton-based Perfect Earth Project, Emily promoted organic garden and land care practices to both the public and industry professionals under a world-renowned landscape designer. She became deeply inspired to be part of a new generation of horticulture professionals making soil health, native plants, and ecologically informed design the new normal in urban and suburban landscapes. 

Emily began a certification in Horticulture and Sustainable Garden Design at the New York Botanical Garden in 2020. She is a graduate of Wheaton College, MA, and holds an MA in Professional Writing. She draws much of her design inspiration from the windswept shores of Amagansett and the terracotta-dappled Southern Italian coast.

Link to Emily’s Handout:
Backyard Ecology Handout 1.1.22