Susanne D

First Place - Susanne d.

Comments :   A masterful modern mass design!  Harmonious colors, texture and a variety of
dramatic shapes create a rhythmic and balanced design in perfect scale with the container.

Second Place - Candy

A beautiful, well balanced, compact design incorporating bold
and pristine plant material. The Gerbera’s steal the show!



Third - Susanne W.

A charming and lively, colorful traditional mass design incorporating delightful and varied plant
material.  White is difficult to incorporate into a multi colored design as it will dominate.

HM - Gail

A vibrant and striking design of geometric calla Lily and eucalyptus! The overall rhythm
and line of the design is hidden because of the angle of the photograph. It would have been
helpful to see the relationship of the floral design to the container.

(Please note, Gail submitted another view of her floral design after the judging occurred.)