Horticulture Workshops

Begonia Propagation

Learn how to propagate begonias by cuttings in soil, rhizomes in soil or just a leaf in the water.

One of our Horticulture gurus who is also a GCA Horticulture judge, demonstrates where to find the perfect rhizomes on this gorgeous specimen.

Begoniai Prop EG.1

Begonia Prop BL


Having the correct soil is important. A mixture of potting soil with vermiculite and perlite was used in this workshop.

Begonia prop eg.3

And, using a rooting hormone is very important.

begonia prop eg.4

One of the guides we followed was Jackie Rhoades Begonia Propagation. Please click here to follow her techniques:

Jackie Rhoades Begonia Propagation

We also consulted these  pages:

Begonia Propagation II