The COVID Project

The GCA COVID Project Photography Committee will select one photograph from each club to compile into an e-book as well as printed copies that will be available for purchase and become part of the GCA Archives. 

These are The Stamford Garden Club entries.

Kathy – Finalist

Susan M.
Julia Child Snow Woman: This was built after a snowstorm
on one of my baking days during COVID.
I had a great time decorating her!

Libby – Finalist
Celebrating alone and making it special!

During the lonely days of COVID, I collected juice bottles and turned them into attractive vases to sell at the Spring Ashlar Village flower sale.

Susanne d. – Finalist
Thanksgiving Table for Two

Photographing wildlife in my hometown.

Liz v.
Stayed ‘chill’ during lock down

Candy – Finalist
plan for the worst – hope for the best – celebrate whichever

Dianne – Finalist
Supporting those who support us!


Additional Photos Submitted

“Even masked – a smile yet shines in one’s eyes.”

Liz v.
Adopted a pandemic pooch rescue dog.


Making Halyard 600 masks for the hospital.

The perfect 2020 Christmas Card