Floral Design

Floral Design – 2021 On the Pollinator Pathway
A landscape design not to exceed 15 inches in any direction. Accessories permitted. Landscape design: Captures the essence of a lakeside, wood, seashore, mountain or moorland scene that has been imagined
or actually viewed. The judicious use of scale is
vital for an effective design, for you are taking
a particular scene and reducing it in size so that
it can be appreciated in the home.
Arranging Style by Judith Blacklock, p. 144)

Entry #3. 1st place
The arc of the tree trunk slice creates the tone
and rhythm of the forest
for this creative and perfectly balanced design!Entry #1. 2nd place
Graceful and subtle use of repetitive color (hanging forms and edge of shelf mushroom) creates an inviting and soothing path in this landscape.  The solid bright green frog, although whimsical,
adds a sudden stop to the
rhythm.Entry #5. 3rd place
Inviting diagonal line is cleverly augmented by the lichen covered root, contributing not only to the line but also to visual and
textual interest. 
The four strong color blocks (blue, pink, blue, white), although of similar intensity, nevertheless each stand alone, needing more integration.Entry #2. HM.
An interesting and texturally varied selection of crisp plant material
deftly balances and offsets the coordinated color blacks.
The white pebble path makes a straight stripe that visually divides the design in two.Entry #4. HM
The repetition of the moss to break the front edge of the container artfully provides connection between the front and rear in this arrangement.  The comparative brilliance of the bright
pink spray roses dominates the