The Gloria Hollister Anable Conservation Award

The Gloria Hollister Anable Award was established in 1980 by Marion Glowka who was President of the Stamford Garden Club at the time. The Award commemorates the life of Gloria Hollister Anable who was an explorer, scientist and conservationist.

In 1931, Ms. Hollister set a women’s world record for ocean descent in a bathysphere.

She married Anthony Anable in 1941 and moved to Stamford in the early in the 1950s.

Mr. and Mrs. Anable then joined forces with other like-minded conservationists to found the Mianus River Gorge Conservation Committee.

The original 60 acre Mianus River Gorge was the first natural history landmark to be registered by the Department of the Interior. The preserve has since grown to 555 acres.

Mrs. Anable was chairman emeritus of the committee at her death in 1988. Mrs. Anable was also Conservation Chairman of the Stamford Garden Club and a Director of the Stamford Museum. She was also a fellow of the New York Zoological Society.

It takes a certain individual to be named a Gloria Hollister Anable award recipient.  Demonstrating the conservation dedication of Ms Anabel is not an easy task.   Hence, this Conservation award is not rewarded often.  In the past five years, Marg Berstein (Goodbody Garden) and Sue Sweeny (Scalzi River Walk) have received the award.