Floral Design

Moon Landing
An arrangement in a round container. Predominantly white dried or fresh material. Not to exceed 20″ in any direction.  Viewed from the front.


1st place: Entry # 3
This is a tour de force of balance! Unusual placement of larger lilies at a high level, offset with the weight of the lime, the compatible dull green of the container and the negative space created with the silver/green leaves of eucalyptus, makes for a dynamic tension.

2nd place: Entry #2
The use of the bear grass loops (? material not on plant list) not only visually connects the top floral material with the lower level of flowers, but also creates a strong rhythm that enlivens the arrangement. The glass pedestal, smooth and shiny, is not harmonious with the rough texture of the arrangement.

3rd place: Entry #1
This well-balanced arrangement bursts up using crisp complimentary-textured plant material.  The smooth surface of the floral material prevents a true focal point to emerge and so inhibits a rhythmic path for
the eye to follow.

Honorable Mention: Entry #4
The excellent use of placement and texture with the dried material creates a truly explosive feeling of the “moon landing.”  The lower bowl of smooth fresh plant material in a shiny bowl, in contrast with the dried material above splits the arrangement in two, making a visual disparity.