September Newsletter

Welcome from Sharon

Launching a new program year and some new ways of doing things… 

 I am looking forward to welcoming everyone at our first meeting of the 2019-2020 year on September 10th.   Our members can show off at our opening bench show and our speaker Kyle Riccoboni will be dazzling us with some fabulous floral arrangements. Our speaker and workshops schedule this year will look different as the year goes on. We will be having a few week-end and evening lectures, events, and workshops as we look to expanding our community visibility and being more inviting to folks who may not be able to join us on our familiar Tuesday mornings. Our directory will be handed out our opening meeting (and mailed to those who cannot make the meeting), and it too will have a new look and a new format. Our Board recognized that we are going to have to make our communications more in line with how folks operate in the digital world. The new format will make it easier for those who prefer to use the directory digitally. Never fear, the paper copies will be available for those who prefer that format. Change is invigorating and exciting, but it can also be challenging. There may be a few bumps in the road but I am hoping we can smooth these as we go, and we will remain open to learning, and listening to our members about what works best.


Board Meeting, 9:30, Tues, Sept. 3

Member Meeting, Tues, Sept. 10   

9:30, Bartlett Arboretum

Hostesses:  Lenore DiPalma, Barbara Miller

Speaker:  Kyle Riccoboni – Creative Director, Earth Garden

Bench Show (Entries in place by 9:15)

Floral Design

“My Favorite Things” Using a container and plant material that you love, create an arrangement for your kitchen table.  No accessories.  No size restrictions.

Horticulture  –  “How Does Your Garden Grow?” Single Cut Flowering Specimen – One cut flowering stem, spike or spray, not to exceed 24” from cut stem to tip from exhibitor’s garden.  Any foliage must be attached to the stem and above the water line. To be displayed in a clear glass container. NOTE:  Novice and non-novice for each class.

Class 1: Annual
Class 2: Perennial
Class 3: Biennial
Class 4: Collection – of three different herbs to be shown in a clear glass container. Not to exceed 24” in length from cut stem to tip.
Class 5: A fruit or vegetable harvested from exhibitor’s garden to be displayed on a paper plate, which will be provided. If fruit or vegetable is small, like the size of a cherry tomato, provide three of the same variety.
Par Class: An exhibit of exceptional horticultural merit. Entries in Par Class must have been owned and grown by the exhibitor for a minimum of six months. Please supply saucer.Class 6: Houseplant grown for flowers
Class 7: Houseplant grown for foliage

Photography  – Have a Vegetable Field Day  Have fun and use your imagination photographing a vegetable or vegetables—the entire vegetable, a part, or a sliceThe printed size should be 8×10 that fits into an 11×14 mat.  (Mary has mats for sale.)  Have your photo printed at CVS or Walgreens where you can ask for help if you need it.  Any questions, contact Libby.

Goodbody Workdays:  Thurs 9/12, Sat 9/21, Tues 9/24        

Goodbody Garden Fall Party 4-6 pm, Sunday, Sept 15

The Goodbody Garden Fall Party for members, significant others, friends and those interested in membership (Rain Date September 22nd).