Name That Plant

The first person who correctly identifies each of these plants in their email
will win a $25 gift certificate to
their favorite nursery!

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What are these droopy clusters?
They are found on this NATIVE bush
Found in the Eastern part of the United States, this low maintenance, drought tolerant bush blooms from April to May.  It is in the Staphyleaceae family.  Bees LOVE it!


This pretty five leafed blossom is found
on the native plant below.

A member of the Rosaceae family, this low maintenance shrub blooms from June through September, will grow in partial to full sun and is LOVED by butterflies!



If this is found on your property in the UK, you may
have a problem selling your house!
Brought to England from Asia by plant hunting Victorians, this lovely plant has become a thorn in the
sides of many gardeners.

Here is it out of control.  Have you seen it?
Is in your garden?



Once the darling of Eastern landscapers,
this prolific plant is now shading forest seedlings.

The petite white flowers on this bountiful plant become juicy red berries enjoyed by birds who will leave their seeds in your garden beds and forest floors.

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